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   Paper cup & plate making machine
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  1. Surfometer
  2. Pneumatic comparator
  3. Mechanical comparator
  4. Slip guages
  5. Sine bar
  6. Screw thread Micrometer
  7. Auto collimator
  8. V-block
  9. Dial guage with stand
  10. LVDT module
  11. Lathe tool Dynamometre
  12. Drill tool Dynammetre
  13. Shaping tool Dynamometer
  14. Milling tool Dynamometre
  15. Strain guages
  16. Vernier calipers
  17. Vernier height guage
  18. Vernier depth guage
  19. Outside micrometer
  20. Inside micrometer
  21. Gera tooth Micrometer
  22. Feeler Guages
  23. Wire guages
  24. Screw pitch guage
  25. Snap meter
  26. Small hole guages
  27. Telescopic guages
  28. Bore guages
  29. Optical parallels
  30. Optical flat
  31. Universal dial test indicator
  32. Precision square
  33. Straight edge
  34. Vision inspection system
  35. Surface roughness
  36. Tester
  37. Digital read out unit