Delta machines
               OUR PRODUCTS
   Toolroom machines
   Garage machines
   Sheet metal working Machine
   Wood working Machines
   Book binding Unit
   File making machine
   Envelope punching machine
   Automatic paper bag making machine
   Paper cup & plate making machine
   Corrugated carton making plant
   Construction equipment
   Oil & flour milling machine
   Bakery machines
   Power tools
   Metallurgy lab equipments

   Thermal engineering lab equipments

   Metrology lab equipments
   All types of cutting tools


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  • Drill bits
  • Turning tool
  • Drill chuck
  • Drill
  • Drill sleve
  • Parting tool
  • Parting holder
  • Boring bar & tool
  • Knurling tool
  • All type of milling
  • Module cutter
  • Drill vice
  • Bench vise
  • Try square
  • Hammer
  • Spanner